I think you learn more about yourself in the context of a relationship than you can outside of it.

I am Here To Help

With only 5 years online marketing Experience and 19 years Sales experience I have learned the do’s and don’ts of being an entrepreneur! I almost quit a couple times in the last year.
But, there was a fire in my belly to keep going and one thing lead to another.  I have finally found the perfect strategies to gain customers as well as build some awesome business relationships.
I owe it all to a couple very patient & wise individuals who have mentored and coached me in the right direction. So here I am, I’m here to give back and guide anybody who has a fire in their belly like I do! 

Free Education

My passion has led me to do a lot of research, take special courses, watch educational videos and  I be sure to point you in the right direction if there is something I can’t answer… I am always learning new things and stimulating my brain!
knowledge is power and sharing is caring.

My Passion

I’m passionate about pure organic natural beauty, health & wellness. Really anything relating to holistic practices because it involves helping people and changing lives everyday. Therefore, I’m always delighted to connect and engage with people and businesses from the green community. If you share the same passion as I do and you are interested in working with me, you’re welcome to reach out to me.

Get In Touch

I am a true believer in numbers and communication! There is no problem too big or question too hard to answer. One thing that I love about helping people is being available for them when they need me. For all inquiries please contact me! I Would love to hear from you.
Please send all business inquiries to