How Our 2019 year begins:

2019 will be a lot of firsts for us as we start our journey around the United States of America.

My husband and I packed up our personal belongings from our home and loaded our little tent trailer we call the “hybrid” after Christmas to go on this adventure.

This was something we both have spoken about for about a year now but was thinking in about 5 years that it would happen. So, this is why our journey starts early… My husband’s lifelong friend and her family sadly lost their home and everything in it from the devastating California Camp fire.

So, they packed up her Volkswagen bug with 4 adults 2 children, 2 dogs and a hamster and drove from Magalia, Ca to Shasta Lake, Ca. With them staying with us they were looking for a place to rent that was in the area even though they inherited paradise taxi they were able to get their cars together to relocate their business.

After several calls and paying an $80 rental application my husband had the bright idea of having them stay in our home as we traveled for a year! So, that is how this spontaneous travel idea came about.

As I’m writing:

We are sitting here without any Wifi in Jedediah Smith Redwood state park in Hiouchi Ca where I grew up as a kid. The hybrid needed desperately to be organized so we worked on getting everything situated since everything we loaded was basically just thrown in.

The Ocean:

It was so nice to see the ocean again as we drove along the beaches of 101 New Year’s Eve and the drive over was not bad at all.

As we start off we will stay in the Crescent city, CA/ Brookings, Or area to visit with family and friends for the month of January and move onto southern Ca, going into Arizona then Texas and back to attend a reunion in May then a wedding in June!

Our excitement:

We are so excited to have this chance of a lifetime, one that most people never have. As veterans we have both traveled over the years but we have never visited all the states.

As we enter 2019, remember that everything you do is only temporary. Set your goals high and never be afraid to take chances you have never taken, because you never know where your path will lead you.

Happy New years to all!

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