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I think it is so awesome that there is such a huge online world to explore!
Consumers spend Billions of dollars online… With being a part of the online industry whether we work part time or full time it is so very important to Brand yourself!
You have the amazing opportunity to use other platforms to network your business in.
Did you know? 
90 percent of new online businesses fail in the first four months?
Mostly because of lack of motivation, lack of consistency, lack of follow-ups. Most of which is due to the lack of knowledge & lack of training.
Ask yourself
How do I want to work my online business? Do I really want to work online? Do I just want to keep my business local? Do I just want to be a customer?
Having a Business Plan
This is super essential. What’s the minimum you will need to earn in order to survive? How can you ensure you achieve this? What’s the ideal amount you want to earn so you can thrive on? How many customers will you need/units will you need to sell to achieve this?
Understanding conversion rates
This will bring your numbers to life – how big does your audience need to be in order for you to achieve your goals? Do the math and add up the required numbers you need to hit your targets.
Through these many options we learn to broaden our audiences, instead of us looking for them, they look for us. Get out of being stuck with just friends & family! If you want to be a good salesman(woman), if you want to be a great team inspiration or better yet…. if you want to learn & teach what you learn then you have to plant your seeds.
A little self education is the way to go forward in doing so!

“You have made a wide path for my feet to keep them from slipping” 

Psalm 18:36

If you want to broaden your horizons with these other platforms and start branding yourself or if you are interested in blogging or creating your own personal website let me know and I will gladly point you in the right direction!
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