Why does life seem to always get in the way?

Does this sound familiar to you?

“No matter how hard I try, life seems to always get in the way.”

So what do we do to change that? It seems like the ‘norm is either to give up or to keep trying. But maybe, just maybe the problem lies within being comfortable where we are rather than breaking the pattern that keeps us at a stand still. Yes, that’s right it’s a pattern that is leading us nowhere.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

You’ve heard of “Stepping out of your comfort zone” right? By staying where you are, you stay NORMAL in other words ordinary & boring… you even get bored with yourself. Don’t you? I know that I do sometimes.

Being ordinary

Being ordinary keeps us in our own little box and too often we don’t achieve anything by staying where we are. But, why does it seem so hard to get out of that box? Now back to the question we ask ourselves “why does life always seem to get in the way?”

Maybe it’s you

Maybe it’s because YOU are the one making it that way… it’s not life itself, it’s our own choices that make the life we live. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Well, Have you ever broadened your mind and thought that it could be YOU?That YOU are in your own way? I have thought of that on several occasions. I have asked myself numerous times “What am I doing wrong?” and “could I possibly be trying too hard?”

The cold hard truth

So, Why must we stay ordinary when we actually don’t want to be? The cold hard truth is… Because we learn to survive by fear not by what feels right.

We don’t want today to be like yesterday with the same ol’ BS but on a different day right? No, instead we want a positive change.

Being unique

This brings me to my next point, what makes a person unique? People create their own “Brand” by being unique. By doing something different, by BEING different, NOT by being someone else or by “copying” someone else.

Guess what? It’s perfectly OK… we all have our differences.

Not one human being is perfect. We all have our flaws and we all make mistakes.

Your personal goal

Isn’t it your personal goal to be happy? To help those that surround you be happy? Don’t you want to acheive something good,  something that truly makes a difference in the world? In someone’s else’s life? Believe me it sounds much easier said than done but remember, we are free to choose. We just need to start accepting our very own differences so that we can get out of our own way.

Put yourself in their shoes

What do others think of you? Everyone seems to say “well, I don’t care what people think of me.” You will think differently when you learn that you are only continuing to hurt your reputation rather than help it.

Put yourself in their shoes for a minute… you need an audience that can see the REAL you because they want you to be authentic. They want to feel like they can relate to you, they want to trust in you, be inspired by you (key word there is YOU.)

Let’s take our focus somewhere else for a moment and look at some historical people who influenced the world by being unique:

Now take a look at me, Jenae Say a lady with my own uniqueness that was once lost by my own insecurities and fear. She Who used to think of herself as “ordinary” until she started finding her way. Until she chose to break the neverending pattern that made her life unhappy.

Be you

Morale of the story is that you have to BE YOU, stop letting fear control your choices and give your Audience what they want. Start Planting seeds.

Plus, don’t forget to give yourself everything you need to survive the right way. To build a life worth trying for.

“You can’t influence the world by being just like it ~ UNKNOWN AUTHOR

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